How you can Get Movin’ on the fast track of savings today.

Technology has changed everything in our lives. So why do we still use a costly, old-fashioned process to buy and sell real estate?

Get Movin Realty is NOT just another real estate company. We’re revolutionizing the industry by harnessing the technology at our fingertips to bring buyers and sellers together. Our innovative software makes it easy, convenient and inexpensive for both sides of a transaction.

Our system empowers buyers by letting them know exactly where their offer stands, and it maximizes payout to sellers by charging a low, 1 percent commission.

Buyers these days already are finding their dream house on their own, so why pay a big commission for a traditional Realtor just to do the paperwork? We’ve automated the process at a fraction of the cost.

It no longer makes sense to waste thousands of dollars on something you can do yourself – aided by technology and a team of licensed Realtors that has your back every step of the way.

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